Dynamics 365 Social Pane New Features

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The Dynamics 365 Social Pane is a great way for you to see all related Posts, Activities and Notes for this record, and related records. It also allows for an easy way to create, edit and complete activities without navigating to another form. There’s some advantages to using the Social Pane to control activities, as well as some limitations. One big limitation I found in the previous versions is the inability to control the sorting of these records. By default, all records are shown based on Modified Date. Microsoft understood that our clients needed more flexibility, and released a new feature in the upcoming version of Dynamics 365. Check out my example where I change the date sort field and order.



Change Social Pane Date Sort Field and Order


First, I’ve created three tasks against my Account and related Contact. By default, they order by Modified Date.






Next I completed my Task, but now it pushes to the top of my Social Pane.






With Dynamics 365, you can change the sort order to Date Created.






Finally, I refresh my Account, and see my Activities sort as expected.






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4 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 Social Pane New Features”

  1. Is there an easy way to print this social pane including the body of emails and text of notes?

  2. If a Customer changes their email address, and I update the Email field with the new address, deleting the old address, will the social pane still associate the previous emails with this customer?

    1. Yes, the social pane will still associate the previous emails with this customer. The emails are linked to the Customer’s GUID, and not the actual email address.
      Give it a shot and let us know how it works for you.

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