New Search Functionality On Microsoft CRM – You Are Going to Love It

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Microsoft CRM 2016 Global SearchMicrosoft Dynamics CRM has made steady improvement over the years in their search functionality, making it easier for end users to find the data they need. But one area that still was lacking was the ability to search across entities in CRM. As an end user myself, I often look for a business I need to speak with, and am not sure if they are listed as an account, lead or opportunity. A scenario like that requires three separate searches

Microsoft CRM 2016 has a new feature called global search. This allows you to look for a name across all entities in Microsoft CRM. No longer do you need to worry how a company is listed, one search looks in leads, accounts and opportunities.

This is powerful for a couple of reasons. The first is listed above. Having one field search CRM, you can find the company name regardless of how they are classified in Microsoft CRM. Another critical use for this is that it gives you the ability to see items in Microsoft CRM you have not have searched for. For instance, if you are calling a client of yours to see how things are with them, and you look up there info in a global search, you would also see any open cases they have. That client may have just opened a recent support ticket, that would be important to know before you call. By simply looking them up as an account, you may miss the open case. If you do a global search, you would see that case.

To see this new functionality, please click here to view a short video of the global search in action

By Intellitec Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner serving Delaware

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