7 Reasons Why Elevator Service Companies Need Mobile Software

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Few jobs require the use of mobile software as much as field service technicians. But having a device with some added features is not the same as having an intelligent, connected tool that empowers your field service technicians with access to the information needed to resolve customer issues the first time. Failure to resolve issues not only leads to costly return visits but it also negatively impacts customer satisfaction. Elevator service companies who invest in mobile software for their field techs are finding more success than their counterparts who don’t.

Here are 7 reasons why field service companies need mobile software:

  1. Never Fill Out A Timesheet Again
    Elevator technicians will never need to fill out time-consuming paperwork or waste time traveling back to the office to submit time sheets ever again. It will also save time by freeing up your back office from having to re-key technician’s time into payroll.
  2. Impress Customers with Knowledge and Tech Savvy
    Technicians can access customer’s site, equipment and service history with the click of a button. With integrated Google Maps, find the most efficient route to the job site. Once there, easily answer customer’s questions and always have accurate information about what needs to be done, how much the job will cost, and how long it will take. Customers will be impressed with your fast, productive and informed interactions.
  3. Simplify and stay consistent with filtered lists
    Old school means of field data collection, like paper and disconnected spreadsheets, make it tough to enforce consistency. With an intelligent mobile device, it’s easy to build and centrally modify standard field forms such as inspections, checklists, audits, and more, requiring the data you need in order to close out work.
  1. Access real-time data in the field even when offline
    Whether your techs are deep in an elevator pit or at a remote site, it is vital to have a mobile app that allows them to manage inspections, work orders, and signatures even when there isn’t a data connection. Whether online or off, technicians must have the most up to date information while in the field to be able to fix issues. The rapid change in service activities, part specs, and customer needs demands that data be refreshed frequently and made readily available so techs are always experts in the field.
  1. Enable knowledge sharing
    Field techs can effectively communicate and collaborate with others, increasing the speed at which they gather the necessary information to complete a job. Faster completion enables the field tech to move on to the next job, improving their utilization for the day, increasing first-time fix rates, and improving overall customer satisfaction. In addition, instant access to this helpful information boosts the confidence of field service technicians, providing the opportunity for greater technician success and a more connected team.
  1. No More Miscommunication with Customers
    Collecting evidence of work performed is fast and easy with photos, customer signatures, inspections and other service integrated means of backup for work done at a customer site.
  2. Mobile Auditing
    No more wondering whether your techs were actually where they said they were. Always have a comprehensive audit trail of your technician’s location and data entry activities so you never have to wonder again. The ability to audit and monitor time reports can also help reduce incidents of falsely reported overtime.

Investing in a comprehensive mobile software and device enables your technicians to increase productivity and improve service delivery, which ultimately increases customer loyalty.  And with a real-time flow of information, problems are diagnosed and fixed quickly so your techs can move on to the next job.  By providing your technicians with an integrated mobile software device, you are investing in their ability to deliver the best service possible to customers. You will be rewarded with increased efficiency, productivity, revenue and happy customers.

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by FieldBoss

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