New White Paper: CRM Is Not Just for Salespeople - It Is for Your Customers!

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crmblog-crm-is-not-just-for-salespeopleWhy is it that some people think CRM is just for salespeople? After all, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. And when it comes to customers, there are many people in your company who interact on a daily basis with your customers. Certainly not just salespeople.

To illustrate how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online works across your company, this white paper highlights several real-world examples of how Dynamics CRM successfully resolves a wide variety of issues, throughout multiple departments in a dozen industries. These case study “vignettes” exemplify the breadth and depth of CRM.

Even more importantly, these vignettes show how putting customers first and enhancing the customer experience is one of THE best ways to increase retention. Pampered clients become great references.

Statistics Don’t Lie

Why are these success stories so important? Let’s look at just a few of the compelling statistics compiled in this white paper:

“50% of all businesses say their success depends on their ability to be highly responsive to customers’ specific needs.” Source: Techaisle Global SMB Technology Adoption Study

“59% of global consumers have higher expectations than just one year ago.” Source: Microsoft Global Customer Service Report

“97% of global consumers say customer service is important to their choice of and loyalty to brand.” Source: Microsoft Global Customer Service Report

Cases in Point

When you download this white paper, "CRM is not just for salespeople" you’ll be able to read about:

A recruiting firm that uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to track the resume details of their candidates to find the perfect fit for their corporate clients.

A full-service transportation provider that uses the dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as a central source of information for improved forecasting, vehicle utilization and customer satisfaction.

A nonprofit organization that deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to track proposed projects for inner cities regeneration.

Increased Productivity = Increased Profitability                                                              

In this white paper, you’ll learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online puts the power of data in your employees’ hands so that your company can make a leap in productivity that will drive up profits.

And the best part is…

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can be accessed any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Download the white paper now:

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