Mobile CRM and ERP: The Story of the Modern Salesman

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While an effective mobile CRM and ERP solution which is fully integrated can give companies great insight into inventory numbers and product quality, sometimes there's no substitute for seeing how products look on shelves. A video published by goERPcloud presented the case study of the Polfärskt Bröd food distributor and how it performed an ERP implementation on mobile devices.

The distributor utilized Microsoft Dynamics NAV on tablets so they could go over numbers with grocers while visiting their spaces. Polfärskt Bröd representatives could see how the store displayed the product and count actual inventory numbers while taking grocery managers through accurate supply chain schedules and projections for future demand.

All of this information was easy to digest thanks to data visualization features offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Tablets made the information convenient and the ERP solutions helped present it in practical terms. At the same time, representatives could capture feedback from clients on the same mobile devices.

CRM solutions integrated with mobile ERP software ensures companies have a complete view of customer preferences and actions. The TM Group described other advantages of Mobile ERP integration with CRM systems in a recent blog.

by The TM Group

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