LinkedIn Purchase and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM users should be excited about a recent acquisition. CRN Technology News detailed Microsoft's LinkedIn purchase in June 2016 for $26.2 billion. This purchase sets Microsoft Dynamics CRM up for success by supplying users with popular social media features and a rich source of business data.

LinkedIn is a  global social media network specifically aimed at business professionals. Just like all social networks, members submit personal information willingly in hopes of making contact with like-minded individuals or finding opportunities for networking. LinkedIn differs from other social channels because it's less casual and more professional. Users submit valuable details about their employment and education.

These demographics can help companies recognize potential business clients and personnel they can work with in the future. This acquisition gives Microsoft Dynamics a huge leg up on other CRM solutions because it creates integration with one of the most popular social sites for professional organizations in a time where all business software developers look for ways to make social media data more visible.

A recent article from The TM Group explores the LinkedIn acquisition in detail and highlights the potential benefits for business users.

by The TM Group

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