Wine of the Month Business Builds Loyalty Through Data - 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

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With easy access to all kinds of products through the internet, building loyalty with your customers takes attention to detail.

The challenge

A startup wine of the month business needed to keep track of subscriptions, manage products kept in multiple warehouses and build their business through smart marketing.

The solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Office 365 provides the company with a complete business management system. Shipment notifications are sent to customers so that they know exactly when their wine will arrive. Subscription renewal notices are sent automatically with reminders at predefined times.

In addition to great service, the wine company uses their data to build value to customers. Working closely with wineries, the company creates special promotions that will appeal to unique sets of their customer base. Subscribers get the opportunity to purchase limited vintages and special blends—designed just for them.

How customers are amazed

Customers get the full value from their wine subscription plus get the benefits of being “insiders” in the wine industry.

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