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Ryan Plourde, Crowe

Using Workflow Alerts to Manage Projects in Dynamics CRM

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How do you alert a team member that a project task has been assigned to them? Are you still sending email?

Did you know this can be done automatically when you manage your projects in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

When we do a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation it requires that we work together as team to accomplish a myriad of tasks that will get us to the final “Go Live” goal.

We use templates and checklists within the Project Management for Dynamics CRM tool to manage every project. And within each checklist are the tasks that need to be accomplished by everyone on the team.

Using the out of the box workflow in Microsoft Dynamics CRM we can easily send out email alerts.

  • If I assign a resource to a project task, Dynamics CRM sends a well formatted email to them with high level details about the task and the deadline.
  • A copy of the email alert is also sent to the manager of the project to show that a new task has been assigned.
  • Another alert email is sent when a task has been completed or a task has been changed.

It is easy to for companies to set up their own custom alerts with Microsoft Dynamics CRM too. For example, some project managers will email a reminder to whoever is assigned that project task, 3 days before it's due.

Alerts help us manage our complex Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations. And they can help you and your professional services team to make sure that everyone is automatically up to date and your projects stay on track.

If you are interested in a better way to manage your projects in Dynamics CRM, learn more about the Project Management for Dynamics CRM from AbleBridge. Contact us at 877-600-2253 or

By AbleBridge, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner, now a Crowe Horwath company.

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