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When looking to gain a competitive advantage in the field service industry, most organizations look to bolster their team of field technicians.  While this can mean additional hiring, training, etc., those efforts can get expensive very quickly. Instead, a more accessible means of enhancing your team’s capabilities is by equipping the resources you already have with additional knowledge through technology.

According to Aberdeen Research, the top 4 strategic actions taken by “Best in Class” field service firms are focused on knowledge sharing and technology advancements, not training or hiring.

52% of “Best in Class” service companies invest in mobile technologies to give technicians better access to information while in the field. By keeping your service team connected to the rest of the organization and the information they need to complete their tasks, you will be enhancing their abilities as well as increasing your customers’ value.

Best in Class organizations are 15% more likely than their competition to improve forecasting and planning for future service demand.  In order to effectively forecast and plan, first you must be able to track and analyze your current demand and activities.  Having the technology tools in the place to do both the tracking and planning is vital edging out the competition.

43% of Best in Class companies have increased the availability of service knowledge so that issues can be diagnosed and resolved more quickly.  Having these knowledge-bases and customer information repositories are essential but their effectiveness is improved exponentially when that information is delivered on-demand via mobile technology.

Finally, Best in Class firms are more likely than their competition to make service history information that has been captured available across the organization. This is easily accomplished through the right technology tools.

These four strategic actions that give Best in Class organizations their competitive advantage are all core features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service capabilities.  Its mobile field enablement capabilities bring customer knowledge, service history, and diagnostic information to the technicians in the field while delivering new information into the system to be shared across the organization and used for future planning and forecasting.

Gaining four strategic advantages through a single solution is a game-changer for any field service organization.  Download our guide to Transforming Your Field Service Business to learn more.

By Socius, a CRM Field Service Provider in Ohio and Kansas

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