Three KPI Views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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I speak with executives, upper management, middle management, etc. who report the sheer number of meetings they are having to review KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) with their teams.  They know there has to be a better way to manage “the numbers” versus using spreadsheets and having hour long weekly meetings.  Management also wants their sales staff selling and not completing administrative work.

What is the answer?  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dashboards.  Below I will highlight a few Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Dashboard components.  While looking at these components please keep in mind that your sales staff is only entering data within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.  Since the data is entered then it can be reported on via dashboards and standard reports.

Sales Pipeline

Every sales person wants to know how healthy their pipeline is and what deals or Opportunities to focus on.  Below is a standard 4 stage pipeline.  The pipeline can be fully customized to meet your needs.

2016 07 21 Sales 1
Four Stage Pipeline

Since our sales staff are entering Opportunities into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 those Opportunities are surfaced via a Sales Pipeline.  The Sales Pipeline offers full drilldown capabilities.  You can get very granular and see what Opportunities need to be focused on.

Here we illustrate the same Sales Pipeline, but in this view we are looking at all the Opportunities that make up the Sales Pipeline.

2016 07 21 Sales 2
Individual Opportunities within Pipeline

From a sales perspective, maybe what is most important is to view what Opportunities are anticipated to close this month.  With the drilldown capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 we only need to click on the bottom of the Sales Pipeline and view that information by Estimated Close Date.  By selecting the month we want to view in the bar chart, we can see what Opportunities are anticipated to close for the month.

2016 07 21 Sales 3
Opportunities by Close Month

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By Kevin Brown, Heartland Business Systems/Avastone Technologies LLC, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Dynamics GP Partner - Fox Valley, Milwaukee, Chicago

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