How Successful Investment Firms Are Using CRM in Unexpected Ways to Outpace Business Demands

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According to CEB research, most investment firms say CRM is their most used system, yet it ranks among the lowest in perceived effectiveness. Why? Because they tend to stick to traditional functions—contact management and capturing sales data. They don’t see CRM for what it can be: a multi-faceted platform supporting multiple lines of business, supporting operations across the organization.

If you think the only job of CRM software is to manage your sales pipeline, you’re going to be very surprised. Across all industries—including investment management — CRM is propelling companies to a new level of performance and service.

xRM: Thinking Beyond CRM

The most successful financial services firms are leveraging the power and potential of CRM. How do these organizations do it? With extended CRM—or xRM. As xRM, CRM becomes an operational platform that:

  • Allows you to quickly customize and extend it to address new opportunities throughout the business
  • Facilitates innovation, which allows you to rapidly build out other line of business solutions, enabling you to manage operations more holistically
  • Provides a 360-degree view of the client, with all data, history, and analytics in one place to drive better, more efficient, and more profitable interactions
  • Enables you to provide personalized client experiences delivered through pinpoint targeting, offers that are customized to meet identified needs, and highly relevant client service
  • Delivers operational efficiency improvements achieved through familiar tools like Microsoft Outlook and workflow that streamlines processes across the organization.


In fact, CRM has been put into practice by some of the world’s most recognized brands:

A large hedge fund that had a stellar reputation for client service and wanted to keep it that way. The firm now uses CRM across the organization to help their investor services group easily manage clients with repeatable, low-risk, end-to-end transaction processes and the ability to handle complex high-volume reporting requirements.

A leading wealth management firm uses CRM as the cornerstone of operations, integrated with over 100 mission-critical applications and data jobs. With CRM, the firm can easily grow and expand into new markets.

A global investment management authority nearly eliminated risk in implementation, operations, compliance and client relations and optimized performance to provide better client service—and reduced the total cost of ownership by moving away from antiquated systems.

A global leader in innovative indexing and asset allocation strategies improved reporting by 75% and increased usage by 30%, helping them build stronger connections and more loyal clients—all while lowering TCO.

Tap into the power of CRM as a Platform

The common thread in all the definitions of xRM and methods of extending it is that your applications will use CRM as a platform, leveraging its capabilities to deliver business value to your users—and by extension, your clients. CRM as an extended platform can help you:

  • Keep on top of complex and changing compliance requirements
  • Stay ahead of growing client demands
  • Put the right data in the hands of the right employees with powerful analytics
  • Manage events and track commissions more effectively


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