Migrate Your Dynamics CRM Online Organization to a Canadian Datacenter

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Microsoft launched new datacenters in South America, Australia, Japan, India, and Canada.  With the introduction of these new datacenters, you now have the opportunity to move your existing CRM Online organization (or Office 365) from your current datacenter to one closer to your geographic location.

The new local Microsoft Cloud enables data residency for commercial customers, bringing world-class reliability and performance to regulated industries and other businesses. This includes data replication in multiple regions for backup and recovery, reduced network distance, lower latency, and the option of a private connection to the cloud.

The Process

At present, the process to move an instance from one datacenter to another is a manually managed process that is driven by the CRM Online Service Engineering team in Microsoft.

To request an instance move, please open a Technical Support case and the CRM Online Support team will help to coordinate your request with the CRM Online Service Engineering team.  The Support Engineer assigned to your case will raise an internal request and work with you and the CRM Online Service Engineering team to schedule a suitable date and time to migrate and follow up to ensure the migration has gone smoothly.

It is essential that you review the pre/post requisites detailed in this document to understand what actions you will need to take and what impact the migration will have to your business.  What’s listed in the pre/post requisites are the common areas that Microsoft is aware of; this might not be an exhaustive list. Consider your usage of CRM Online carefully to ensure there are no other areas that will be affected by the move.

Note: In the case of a CRM Online instance residing in an Office 365 instance in a single tenant, moving the CRM instance does not move the Office 365 instance. They are separate entities. Your CRM instance will still appear within your tenant alongside the Office 365 instance.

The Impact of the Move 

Other than the physical location of your data after the migration, the only other impactful change is the change to your organization URL.

Canada (CAN) = *.crm3.dynamics.com

For example, if your existing organization URL is https://myorg.crm.dynamics.com and you request it to be moved to India, the new organization URL will be https://myorg.crm3.dynamics.com.

You will need to update any direct references to your CRM Online organization URL.

For full details on moving your CRM Online organization to Canada (or any of the other listed geographies) take a look at full migration documentation. For help with the migration, contact your Dynamics CRM partner or reach out to Prophet Business Group.

- Cody Pierson, Prophet Business Group - Dynamics CRM, Dynamics GP and IT Solution specialists in Winnipeg, MB.

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