Microsoft's Latest Acquisition Means Big Things For The Microsoft Community

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Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn

This past week, Microsoft surprised us all with big news of their latest acquisition - business to business, social media mogul, LinkedIn. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion on Monday June 13 and has high hopes of enhancing their user face. Over the past year, Microsoft has been working hard to revamp their Dynamics CRM line to offer more flexibly with capabilities to target new kinds of customers and has seen some success with the acquisition of Adxstudio and FieldOne.

That being said, Salesforce is still a fierce competitor in the business solution industry and both sides are fighting for an advantage. This new acquisition is big news for Microsoft and could be what they need to pull ahead in this fierce competition to further grow their Microsoft family. Here at Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics partners, we cannot wait to see how they take this collaboration and further grow the Microsoft Dynamics family.

What does this mean for Microsoft Partners and Dynamics CRM users?

Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, the leading business to business social media network, is predicted to generate a huge new wave of sales for Microsoft Partners and an even bigger new wave of interest in Microsoft products. That is very exciting news for Microsoft Partners! There is so much potential for Microsoft to further grow their Dynamics family, through the use of collaboration with Azure to target human resources, sales and other corporate department enhancements.

For Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP users, the advantage is clear – accessibility. Even without CRM’s potential new features, the overall value of being able to natively embed LinkedIn’s repertoire of professional data and social context into Microsoft CRM and Outlook is powerful all on its own and will significantly simplify the overall user experience of both of these platforms. Productivity now will be more socially minded, making it easier to gather information about your customers, competition and industry.

This acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft is big news for the entire Microsoft Family, so stay tuned for more updates on just how Microsoft is going to use this new platform to totally transform their user experience for the better. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft CRM partners, and schedule a consultation.

by Logan Consulting

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