Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government: How It is Used to Deliver Exceptional Outcomes

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There is increased pressure on government organizations at all levels to provide citizens with easy access to products and services. However, they need to stay mindful of budget and resource constraints. A whitepaper by Microsoft, Deliver Extraordinary Public Service with a Trustworthy Cloud , introduces Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government as a solution well-equipped for the task, helping organizations deliver superior customer experiences while gaining much-needed efficiencies.

Delivering Value to the People You Serve with CRM Online Government

Today’s citizens expect access to services similar to what they get from retail and other vendors in the public sector: 24/7 access to services, from any device. With the online interface offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, they get what they need, when they need it, from any device:

  • Information about products and services
  • Locations
  • Applications for benefits, permits, licenses, etc.
  • Online bill or fine payment

With CRM Online Government, Employees are More Productive

To provide these service levels, employees want tools that are easy to use, with the functionality they need. Since 2010, AKA Green Beacon has helped government organizations:

  • Better coordinate internal and external organizations with complete integration
  • Coordinate 311 requests through the entire lifecycle
  • Support grant management
  • Manage incident reports

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government, people coordinate and collaborate smoothly across teams and agencies. With instant messaging, conferencing, and social collaboration, as well as integration with Office 365, they get the tools they use every day, but with additional functionality to be more efficient.

Leadership Gets the Visibility They Need with CRM Online Government

To do their job, leaders need insight to justify the funds they receive; Microsoft CRM Online Government:

  • Eliminates redundant processes and provides more self-service options, reducing the cost of staffing and improving customer service
  • Through business intelligence, provides deep insight and transparency into operations to prevent, find, and resolve issues
  • With a cloud-based infrastructure, reduces IT costs and maintenance

Secure Cloud Environment with Robust CRM Functionality

Security is a very important consideration with government organizations. Having access to sensitive information of people as well as other agencies requires reliable security in an online solution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government was specifically designed to meet public sector requirements for security and compliance:

  • Compliant with FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO), HIPAA, CJIS, and more
  • Physical, network, and logical components are isolated from the CRM public online cloud
  • Data is encrypted at REST
  • Each organization instance has a dedicated database
  • All data, applications, and hardware are located in the continental U.S.
  • Only government agencies occupy the tenant community
  • The cloud is supported and operated by screened U.S. citizens
  • 99.9 percent uptime, stated in a financially-backed Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Financially, the cloud also has its advantages. With the option to pay-as-you-go, agencies can access and pay for only the services they need when they need them.

Microsoft-Pub-Sec-White-Paper-ImageFor organizations in all levels of government, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government means efficiency, better service, and lower costs. Download the whitepaper, Deliver Extraordinary Public Service with a Trustworthy Cloud, to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government.

by /AKA Green Beacon

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