Hotel Group Markets Events Across Locations - 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

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When a business has multiple locations with unique services at each one, matching customers with the best options can get complicated fast.

The challenge

A regional hotel group with three popular facilities was using separate systems to manage each location. If one hotel didn’t have availability or a large enough room, they asked the customer to call the other hotel.

Marketing lists were also maintained separately, so there was no cross selling to potential shared customers.

The solution

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, integrated with their event management software, the hotel group now serves their customers with unified data. Customers use the website, or call one number, to evaluate all their options. They can find the dates and facilities that match their event easily, making the experience pleasant from the start.

With unified customer data, the marketing team can segment groups and focus promotions on the most likely prospects.

How customers are amazed

When customers contact a hotel to start planning their event, they get more than they expected with all their options—across the hotel group’s facilities—in one place.

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