Deliver Projects On-Time & On-Budget with Microsoft Dynamics

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Natively integrated within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Project Service brings people, processes and technology together empowering teams to complete projects on time and on budget.

Here are 7 examples that demonstrate how organisations accelerate professional services maturity and reap the financial benefits of an integrated project service solution:

1. Propose Profitable Projects

  • Work out sales estimates from the ground up with project quote lines.
  • Ensure each project quote is feasible and profitable with visibility of resource costs and revenue estimates.
  • Improve collaboration between sales and project teams.pn40b

2. Quickly Create New Project Schedules

  • Instantly create project records in Microsoft Dynamics using repeatable Project Templates that detail the required roles and estimated work schedules.
  • Communicate the project tasks that need to be performed, which resources are needed, and the time-frame for completion.

3. Optimise Project Resources


4. Increase Team Collaboration

  • Empower teams to be an integral part of project and client success.
  • Find your next project using the Project Finder mobile app.
  • Collaborate with team members by sharing documents and starting conversations through Office 365 Groups associated with your projects.
  • Instantly check the status of the projects you are managing.


5. Track Project Time & Expenses

Enter time and expenses for the projects you are working on to make sure that clients are billed correctly, and you receive credit for the work you’ve completed.

6. Flexible Customer Billing

  • Bill on a time and materials basis and use project invoice frequencies to determine how often your clients are billed, and on which dates of the specified time period. Set up invoice frequencies for each billing period you plan to use, such as monthly, weekly or on specific days.
  • Bill project work as a fixed price with billing milestones that spread costs in fixed installments for the value of each contract line.

7. Gain Insight from Project Performance

Inbuilt Microsoft Dynamics dashboards and reports give you an understanding of where you stand on each project.

The Practice Management dashboard presents a combined view of your project costs, gross margin, and role utilization while the Resource Manager dashboard provides real-time reporting of utilization metric individual resources and role types.


Preact are a UK based Microsoft CRM Gold Partner. 

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by Preact

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