Accounting Firm Simplifies Scheduling and Accelerates Billing - 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

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In the professional services business, cash is king. Increase billable hours and reduce collection time for a winning cash flow combination.

The challenge

A regional accounting firm had lower utilization and slower collections than industry averages. Looking for the root of the problems, they identified inconsistent scheduling practices among their accountants and inefficient billing processes.

The solution

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated with Office 365, the firm implemented centralized scheduling. Either online, or by calling a central number, clients have access to their accountant’s available hours to schedule time instantly. The utilization of the firm has soared while allowing the accountants to design their own schedule.

To accelerate collections, at the end of each session the accountant enters the time and services delivered for each client. The information is automatically routed to Microsoft Dynamics GP for billing. Invoices are sent out the same day, eliminating billing lag.

How customers are amazed

Going to the accountant may not be fun for anyone, but customers appreciate how easy it is to schedule. And receiving their bill so quickly gives them confidence that the firm clearly appreciates the time value of money.

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