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As more and more software is being offered on a cloud platform, we’re seeing a reduction in pricing that is giving companies a reason to make the move. Purchasing and maintaining servers is becoming a thing of the past thanks to affordable cloud technologies. And applications that allow employees to communicate (email, collaboration solutions) and sell (CRM) are the top priorities to move to the cloud.

Microsoft knows that - which is why they have heavily invested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, one of the top Customer Relationship Software platforms on the market.



Cost Savings

With CRM Online, you’ll pay monthly per user instead of making a major investment to purchase the software up front. CRM Online also drastically cuts your overhead costs by eliminating upgrades and maintenance that is now automatically done with no work on your part.

The cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online ranges in price from $15/month per user to $200/month per user. In order to qualify for any package, you must have a minimum of 5 users. Special pricing is also available for nonprofit customers.

            Professional License - $65/month

This is the standard license that the majority of subscribers utilize. Best for employees in sales and marketing.


           Basic License - $30/month

This license is best utilized by entry-level users who need limited access and functionality within CRM. Best for front-office staff who only need access to manage activities of employees.


           Enterprise License - $200/month

This license includes everything in Professional along with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and the Unified Service Desk. Best for advanced marketing professionals.


Availability and Access

No matter where your CRM users are – whether it’s a service technician on customer site or a salesperson trying to drum up new business – they’ll have access to CRM through their smartphone or other electronic device. That allows your employees to have access to information that will make them look more polished and professional. They’ll also be able to update their notes from their car, hotel room, or the office – ensuring your customer information stays accurate and up-to-date when information is top of mind.

That 24/7 access also keeps your employees connected to one another, even if they work from home. The rates of those who do work from home or somewhere outside of the office are growing at an exponential rate. There are many reasons for telecommuters including: reducing commute time, saving on office space and increasing productivity. In fact, federal employees in Washington who worked from home during four official snow days saved the government an estimated $32 million, according to Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, and its research arm Telework Research Network.

With an online CRM software system, you can keep all of your employees connected even when they’re not in the office.


Try it for Free

Try out Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by signing up for a free 30-day trial. You’ll be able to test out the functionality and features and see why over 3 million people are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Sign up and try it free today!

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