Top 5 Activities To-Do in Toronto during the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC)

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We cannot wait to be in Toronto this year for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). It’s going to be an amazing platform for ISVs and Partners to connect while learning about Microsoft’s road map.


We’ve compiled a list of things to do while you aren’t working! Check out these five activities:


Steam Whistle Brewery, 7 minute walk from Convention Center
I always love a good brewery when I’m visiting somewhere new. This brewery is unique in the fact that they only serve one beer: Steam Whistle Pilsner. So, if you are into light beers—this could be perfect for you! If you aren’t (like me), I still think it would be a fun trip to tour the brewery. And hey, maybe this will be the first light beer I like?


Richmond Station, less than a mile from Convention Center
Ranked #2 on Trip Advisor with over 1,000 reviews, Richmond Station is the must-eat restaurant in Toronto! The wait staff is fantastic and the location is great. Foodies, you won’t want to miss it.


CN Tower, less than a 5 minute walk from Convention Center
This is the tallest building in Toronto. It gives you the opportunity to head to the top and see great views or do an EdgeWalk, where you lean out over the building! You can also eat dinner at the 360 degree restaurant, where you get to see the great views all dinner long. Don’t forget to book reservations online for all of these, tickets are cheaper that way.


Toronto Blue Jays, 6 minute walk from the Convention Center
Calling all baseball fans! Another stadium to check off your list, the Toronto Blue Jays are hosting the Detroit Tigers on Friday at 7:07PM, Saturday 1:07PM, and Sunday at 1:07PM. Because who doesn’t love a little baseball in the summertime?


St. Lawrence Market, less than a mile from Convention Center
This has been called the best tourist attraction in Toronto! It seems to be a bit of a Farmer’s Market mixed with Restaurants and Shops. Trip Advisor has it ranked with 4.5 stars and the #3 thing to do in Toronto. Might be worth checking out?


Hope to see you there! Watch this short video below to learn more:





Written by Nicole Helm, Marketing Specialist at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on partner.

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