Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Free Trial and Free Software Upgrade

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Dynamics Objects add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, come with free lifetime software upgrades and lifetime Email support.

If you are new to our solutions and you wish to test them for free or you are an existing client wishing to upgrade the solution to the latest version, just download the latest trial version from our website, and your product key will work with the new version.

Here are the latest version upgrades updated June 2016:

Dynamics Portals


Fully customised Customer Self-Service Portal, to submit new cases, view the status and progress of cases managed in CRM, view orders and invoices, read knowledgebase articles and integrate with Microsoft Voice of the Client.
Dynamics Docs


Create well-presented reports and documents (like quotes, invoices opportunities and others) with Microsoft Word, populating (merged) fields from entities, related entities, and 2nd level related entities.

One click to attach report to Email as PDF attachment. Automatically Email reports as PDF attachments with CRM Workflows.

Dynamics PDF-Docs


One click button to PDF Microsoft CRM 2016 Word Templates and attach to Note or Email as PDF file.  Automatically Email Word Templates as PDF attachments with CRM Workflows.

Dynamics PDF-Docs includes Dynamics PDF.

Dynamics PDF


One click button to PDF Microsoft CRM Reports and attach them to Notes or Email as PDF attachments.
Dynamics Signature The most popular application for large organizations, schools and universities, with many CRM users, to design standard, consistent, and clean e-mail signatures, that present a professional appearance of your organization.

Signature text is populated from the User’s record, images are embedded in the outgoing Email, and perfectly displayed at the recipient end.

Dynamics Workflows Add functionality to CRM Workflows with text, maths, date, conversion, working hours, and other powerful functions not available with CRM out of the box.
Dynamics Maps Set of maps functions and distance calculations, that can be customized of out-of-the-box and customized CRM entities
Dynamics Clone Pro Clone any CRM records. User can configure the fields and related entities to be cloned / not cloned.


Click here to download free Trial Version or upgrade your existing software.


Dynamics Object - Clever Solutions for Dynamics CRM.



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