Manage More Than Sales in CRM with Project Service

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CRM software started as a digital rolodex. Then it grew into a way to manage sales opportunities and leads. Eventually it absorbed customer service. Now, the boundaries of what you’ll find in a CRM have moved again, as Microsoft has added a Project Service module to Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Update 1.

Whether you’re a software company selling and implementing enterprise systems (like us) or an engineering firm delivering large projects, the ability to manage an opportunity from cold lead to invoiced project in Dynamics CRM can improve efficiency, accountability and transparency.

Project-based contracts

Project-based contracts relate quotes and orders to project plans, financial estimates, labor pricing, and billing arrangements, like time and materials or fixed price. The contract highlights key metrics, including profitability and feasibility.

CRM Visual Project Management

Project planning

Visual project planning and estimation includes predecessors, automatic task scheduling, and views of sales and cost information for time and expenses. You can use the resulting plan in quotes and project contracts.

CRM Resource Availabilty
Resource management

Resource information includes the skills and proficiencies of your workforce. You can view and filter resources based on skills and availability, so you can assign the right people to the right projects. You can also track resource utilization and forecasting metrics.

Time, expenses, and collaboration

Team member
s can use the web or mobile apps to record time and expenses for multiple projects. Managers can easily approve new entries while understanding the financial implications of the newly-approved items. All team members can collaborate with an Office 365 workspace created for their project.

Project billing

Project invoices reflect the terms of the contract and the approved work and expenses. The financial impact of project work, including costs, unbilled revenue, and invoices, are recorded for use in analytics and integration into financial systems.

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