Financial Services Company Taps Experts to Close Sale Quickly - 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

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When the products and services a company sells are complex, the sales person can only take the deal so far. They need the experts of the organization to provide the full story to customers.

The challenge

A leading financial services firm provides a variety of investment programs to credit unions. When a credit union wanted to ask in-depth questions about a particular program, the sales reps would have to schedule a meeting with the product manager. Coordinating the schedules of everyone involved could take weeks, bogging down the sales process.

The solution

With an integrated solution including Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Skype for Business, sales reps are able to detect the presence and availability of product managers online. They can set up a video call instantly to bring the corporate expertise to the table.

With integration to Office 365, sales reps can create the contract and close the deal on the first call.

How customers are amazed

The credit unions can offer strong investment programs to their customers with full confidence that they understand the details.

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