5 Field Service Metrics You Can Master with CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016’s field service capabilities will change the way Field Services Organizations operate forever. While many Field Service Organizations still struggle with outdated systems which cause massive inefficiency with their representatives, Dynamics CRM will update these outdated systems, increasing efficiency and enabling them to tackle the five key metrics for Field Service Businesses.

Get More Detail on these 5 Metrics in our Guide to Transforming Your Field Service Business

  1. First Time Fix Rate- Field service functionality in Dynamics CRM provides users the ability to correctly and accurately allocate parts so technicians can fix customer’s problems correctly the first time. Dynamics CRM also provides a searchable knowledge database, including information about the customer, maintenance history, and notes on similar issues from other users. This all leads to an increase in the first time fix rate, leaving customers happier.
  2. Field Tech Performance- BI tools in Dynamics CRM provide graphical representations of technician scorecards, with full drill-down ability. These scores are used by the scheduling assistant to properly judge who should be assigned to what job, increasing the likelihood that the job will be done right the first time (See above).
  3. Response Time- Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s field service capabilities provide dynamic scheduling and dispatching functions, route optimization, and real, accurate driving directions, increasing the efficiency of response time.
  4. Inventory Management- Field service functionality in Dynamics CRM provides real time tracking and managing of inventory, stock counts, and updates from multiple locations, not just warehouses. This enables better understanding of what is in stock and what needs replenishing, leading to a cut-down on wasteful spending and saving money on the bottom line.
  5. Customer Satisfaction- The above features all lead to an increase in customer satisfaction in and of themselves, but Dynamics CRM also provides a top of the line customer communication platform, enabling better handling of calls, emails, and texts, leading to happier customers.

Dynamic CRM’s easy to use, mobile-friendly systems lead directly to improvements for your organization by providing increases in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee and inventory management. By upgrading or supplementing your existing systems with field service functionality in Dynamics CRM,  your Field Service Organization can go from back of the pack to leading the race.

Get More Detail on these 5 Metrics in our Guide to Transforming Your Field Service Business

By Socius, a CRM for Field Service Provider in Ohio and Kansas

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