3 Reasons Why Customization is Worth Every Penny

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Anyone in the process of looking for a new CRM software system has heard of the benefits (and costs) of customization. Systems like Dynamics CRM have the potential to be extremely powerful, however without customization, the out-of-the-box features will only take you so far. These one size fits all features are built to be basic so that they may cover a wide variety of industries and business models. This is great for those just starting out, but as your business grows, so do your needs. Don't let a boring CRM model hold your company back. When used correctly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations are actually quite affordable and the benefits should allow you to see your ROI almost immediately. Microsoft CRM customizations are worth every penny spent.


Customized Workflows

How your organization finds, sells, delivers and supports your customers is unique, so why use a one size fits all workflow? Generally CRM vendors and partners have a model that they consider to be the best, but how do you really gain an advantage if everyone else is using this model as well? Logan Consulting knows that in order for a business to succeed in its respective industry, customizing Microsoft CRM to include their upstream and downstream business processes is crucial. Having a customized workflow within Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows your unique workflows to separate you from your competition and will save your organization time and money in the long run.

Improved Analytics

Customize your reports with the data that is important to your organization so that you can effectively measure your success with the help of Dynamics CRM. Measuring your business they way you run your business is the most effective way to make management decisions to help drive revenue.

Automate your workplace

Automation is a great time saving tool that comes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I mean who doesn’t love checking off a box and knowing that your software system is going to do all the work for you without human error. That being said, you need a CRM system that allows for customization, so that when your business changes and grows you won't need to completely gut your CRM software to fit your new needs. It is important to find a CRM partner that understands this, and doesn’t focus all of their time and training on pre-automated practices that may not relate to your business in the long run.


Logan Consulting is a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner based in the city of Chicago. Our knowledgeable partners are experienced in various different industries to help bring your organization the best CRM system for their needs. Customizations, training and software implementations are just a call away. Contact us here to schedule a consultation.

by Logan Consulting

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