Outdoor Living Products Manufacturer Closes Deals on First Call - 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

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Buyers today want lots of options—to build the product just as they want it. They also want to see what their selections will look like.

The challenge

For a company specializing in creating spectacular outdoor cooking facilities for customers, painting the picture of what the final project would look like was important. When a customer couldn’t visualize the way their deck or patio would look, they tended to delay the decision on such a big investment. With all the possibilities, from building materials to stove top finishes, it was difficult for customers to envision the finished space.

The solution

To help the customer picture the outcomes, the company uses a product configurator in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to visually and interactively create the design in the store or at their home. Through a tablet device, the salesperson can show the customer all the options and provide a quote at the same time.

By the time the sales call is complete, the manufacturer either has a closed deal or a highly qualified lead. For leads, the salesperson has the final configuration at their fingertips to revisit with the customer.

How customers are amazed

Customers love being able to select the options and see the results in real time—envisioning themselves hosting guests in the new space.

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