Gaining Sales with Email Functionality from Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

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If you’re relying on an independent email marketing company, like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to stay in contact with your customers, you probably have experienced some drawbacks. Marketers looking for a better way to nurture leads and bring more prospects into the sales pipeline are making the move to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, which is included with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise.

With Dynamics Marketing you are able to create and track email messages as part of a complete marketing effort. From the beginning stages of planning a marketing campaign to execution and determining ROI, Microsoft Marketing does it all.

All of your sent emails are tracked and you’re able to see each person who opened your email, clicked on the message, or other actions they took. From there your prospect is sent on a messaging journey designed previously by you in the visual campaign designer. Based on clicks and interactions, a workflow is set into motion with the intent of keeping your prospect engaged and getting closer to making a purchase.

nurture campaign


Tracking prospect interactions is no longer tedious or time consuming thanks to lead scoring functionality in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. You are able to assigns points to different possible interactions by your target customer. Interactions may include downloading a white paper, clicking on an email link, signing up for a newsletter and more. You can then get an instant view of your prospects ranked in order of most engaged to least.

With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing you won’t have to worry about your messages getting caught in spam folders or being delayed. Each time you send a marketing email blast your messages are first loaded from your Dynamics Marketing server to Microsoft’s bulk email server, which then distributes your message.

The best thing about sending your marketing emails through Dynamics Marketing is that the system is far more robust than just an email platform. Your entire marketing campaign is stored and managed in the same place, eliminating the need for you to manage different accounts on multiple sites and then try and combine information to gain insight.

Gain more leads and add sales with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. Watch a video here and then contact DFC Consultants to learn more.

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