Easily Program against Microsoft Dynamics CRM API, Even Using Open Source Platforms

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If you've ever been frustrated trying to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your open-source website or content management system (CMS) due to the complexity of the application program interface (API), you might want to read this.


A Little Coding

Just a bit of coding can go a long way in reducing the CRM API to a simple representational state transfer (REST) endpoint.  But for those of us who aren't .NET developers, this can be a monumental task. In addition, the authentication process using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM API is difficult from other platforms (such as PHP, Python, RAILS, etc.), and there really are no simple endpoints for non-.NET developers.

The CRM software development kit (SDK) is rich, but if you don't know how to dig into it, you can miss out on serious ROI — and a lot of open-source developers do because they eventually give up trying to figure it out.

The Solution

Sign up for an API wrapper service, which essentially abstracts the CRM API and provides it as a simple REST interface for you.  The wrapper makes the functionality readily available for non-developers, eliminating the need to deal with authentication and other details of the Microsoft-provided API.

The idea with the wrapper services is that they're easy to use -- you supply your Microsoft Dynamics CRM username and password, and the service takes care of the rest.


Make it Easy

Wrapper services take care of the authentication layer of the API, allowing your code to call to some very simple REST endpoints for the Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) methods in CRM. Doing this makes it extremely easy to program against the API from any language supporting REST (such as PHP, Python, and other open-source platforms). They also simplify Microsoft-based languages such as C# and Visual Basic .NET for you. You can test this service out using the Advanced REST Client for Chrome, or from your favorite programming language.

Key xRM API Wrapper Service features:

  • Runs in the background
  • Simplifies the CRM API by providing a RESTful interface
  • Relies on just your credentials, then calls Create, Read, Update, and Delete methods using only REST endpoints
  • Removes the complexity and frustration associated with integration

Ready to Get Going?

Increase the ROI of your CRM investment.  Visit www.xrm.com/wrapper and click Get Started. We'll walk you through the details.

Patrick McLean, xRM