Dynamics CRM New Feature – Templates for Email Signatures

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Update 8.1 for CRM 2016 includes new feature, Email Signatures Template. It provides CRM users a way to create their own Email signatures.  If there is more than one signature, the user can set one template as the default signature, the one that will come up when new Email is created.

Signature Templates implemented across the organization reflect professional and consistent appearance for conducting business through E-mail. If you don’t develop a standard, you are leaving the door open for your staff to become amateur artists.

The new feature, offered by Microsoft, is limited to signature templates with plain text; you can not include logo image. There is limited formatting compared with what is available in MS Word, and you cannot include the signature in an Email sent with Workflow. More importantly, if as an administrator you wish to create one template for all CRM users, that will be automatically populated with the user’s details, such as name, email address, phone number, position and similar,  retrieved from the user’s record.

Dynamics Signature provides all these features in one CRM solution.

Download Free Trial Version: http://dynamicsobjects.com/Products/Dynamics-Signature

With Dynamics Signature, administrators can set up templates using Microsoft Word, include variables that are populated from fields in the User Entity, and the signature can be included in CRM Workflow. Only users with Dynamics Signature Administrator security role can create signature templates and assign them for users and teams.
Users with Dynamics Signature User security role can select the default signature to be used in their Email.

Creating an Email template is a simple 1-2-3

Step 1: Create email template with Microsoft Word

Create new Word document, insert the company logo and the user details as placeholders. A Placeholder contains the letters A-Z, a-z and digits 0-9, within the symbols <<  >> like this Email signature:


Best Regards

Email: <<emailaddress>>
Phone: <<phonenumber>>
Mobile: <<mobilephone>>
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Step 2: Import to CRM and link with fields from User entity

As an administrator, log on to CRM with security role of System Administrator, Click the Upload Signature and import the Word document to CRM. Select the document and click the button Add Fields to Signature. For each placeholder select the corresponding field name read from the User entity. Save the document & Publish.

Select the email template and click Preview. If you are happy with the results, the Email is now ready to be assigned to users, teams and queues.

Step 3: Assign email template to users

You may only have one signature template for the whole organization or a number of templates based on language or departments. Add the Dynamics Signature User security role to all users and Teams that are allowed to have Email signature. If there are more than one template, the user can select which templates, of those templates assigned to him, are best fit to his role in the organization.

When creating new Email the signature is populated with fields from the user record as in this image:


Download Free Trial Version: http://dynamicsobjects.com/Products/Dynamics-Signature


For image (Logo) to be properly displayed in the recipient’s Email, it must be stored and be available on public IP. We use Dropbox to store such images only and therefore Emails sent with Dynamics Signature will never display a URL only, but the image. You only need once to set up Dropbox, a simple process well documented in Settings>Email Signature.

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