What Companies are the Best Fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

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According to research provided by Microsoft, what companies are the best fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

The answers to these three questions provide some clues:

1)What size companies are the best fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

Typically companies with 50 – 300 employees. Typically between 10% - 20% of employees have customer facing roles and can make use of a CRM solution.  This means the company would need 10 to 60 CRM seats (licenses). Note, the minimum seat count is 5.

An exception to this would be if your company has below 50 employees but 5 or more of them are in “customer facing” roles such as sales, customer service, executives/owners/partners, etc.) you would still be a good fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. For example, a brokerage or wealth management firm.

2) What industries are the best fit to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

Commercial businesses with product or services portfolio are a great fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. As of 2013, Manufacturing, retail and consumer goods, professional service organizations made up nearly 60% of Microsoft’s current CRM Online portfolio.

On the other hand, Government and Financial Services tend more toward on premise solutions and/or can require significant customization.

3) What are some common characteristics of companies that benefit from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

Although many types of companies are a great fit for Dynamics CRM Online, here are a few things they have in common:

  • Company revenue comes from both new business and repeat business from existing customers. For example, Dynamics CRM Online can help this organization with building customer loyalty and cross selling.
  • Company may have a small IT staff or perhaps just a single individual.
  • Company has a sales team and/or a service team that either reaches out to or receives inbound customer inquiries/calls. Dynamics CRM Online especially benefits people in “customer facing” such as outbound sales, field service teams, telesales, inbound customer care.
  • Company is passionate about ensuring a positive customer experience.

Is your company a fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online? We’d like to give you a more specific answer to this question.

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