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If you are researching CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solutions for your business, information is key. You will have questions about application, compatibility and processes. And if yours is a startup or small to mid-sized business, or even a growing concern looking for a higher level of CRM, one of the questions you undoubtedly have is: how much will it cost?


The CRM software blog has developed a Quick Quote tool to help you save time and get a good idea of  what a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution will cost. Of course, there are variations from business to business and what you want your CRM solution to do for you, but the CRM Quick Quote tool can give you a good estimated of the basic costs of implementation and maintenance.


The Quick Quote tool from offers you a free quote for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. All that is required is some basic information such as the number of user licenses needed, the level of support you desire, whether you would like your implementation on premise or in the cloud, etc.  Answer a few questions and the Quick Quote tool will generate your quote and then email it to you. It also will offer a referral to one of our local partners fully capable of implementing the solution for you.


These quotes are non-binding as variables could change the final price, but even a ballpark idea of cost is valuable. By having an idea of what the cost of implementation will be, your company can make an informed decision on what solution to pursue. Quick Quote also provides annual maintenance and license fees estimates, allowing for forecasting into the future, so you are not surprised in years to come.


By using the Quick Quote tool, you will have a solid idea of just how much budget space a Dynamics CRM solution will require, allowing you to make an informed decision on how to proceed.


Get your free automated Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote at

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