6 Limitations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online You Need to Know Before You Buy

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Every consumer should be an educated consumer. Deciding between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online versus Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise is an important decision.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is an excellent option for many companies. But there are some limitations that may, or may not, be important to your organization.

Here are 6 points you should consider before making a buying decision:

1)Operating expense vs capital expense

Finance and tax professionals can advise you on the potential benefits of one large capital expense, with a small annual maintenance fee, versus an ongoing monthly expense.

2) Data storage limits

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online includes 5 gigabytes of data storage. You can buy additional storage space for $9.99 per gigabyte per month. 5 gigabytes may sound like a lot until you realize this is for the entire organization, not per user.

3) No direct database access

Not having direct database access can provide some challenges for systems integration.  Basically you don’t have access to the “brain” of the system if you wanted to make your own changes.

4) Less control over the upgrade process

Microsoft allows more control over the Dynamics CRM Online upgrade process than in the past, but there are still silent updates that Microsoft releases and users are not notified.  That could break something.

5) Possible downtime

Like all cloud systems, Dynamics CRM Online has experienced downtown and performance issues. Granted, this is very likely to happen with an on-premise system too, but users feel more helpless when it is out of their control.

6) User license minimums

Dynamics CRM Online has a 5 user license minimum and they must be professional licenses. Dynamics CRM on-premise does not have minimums. And restricting access based on license type is done more on the honor system, let’s just leave it at that.

Both Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics CRM On-Premise are affordable yet powerful choices for any organization. If you would like help in evaluating what is right for you, contact AbleBridge. info@ablebridge.com

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  1. Hari Prashanth


    We are in the process of setting up Microsoft Dynamics CRM ON PREMISES please confirm if this version has USER limitations, as I see for On Premises version there is no limitations.

    Please confirm


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