14 Things We Love About Voice of the Customer Surveys

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Voice of the Customer is a new survey tool for Dynamics CRM Online to gather feedback and gain customer insight.

By deploying Voice of the Customer you’ll have access to amazingly powerful, yet flexible survey functions within CRM.

Here are just a few of things we love:

  1. Create themes specific to each survey that reflect your own branding and preferred colours.
  2. Automatically link responses to CRM cases, contacts and leads
  3. Distribute surveys with CRM email templates using a unique snippet that identifies individuals. As result, respondents don’t need to enter their contact details as they are already known! Or, carry out anonymous customer surveys
  4. Select question types from numerous available options including smiley face ratings, sliders, star ratings, drag and drop rankings, tick boxes, flags, radio buttons and question tables. There are so many choices!
  5. Quickly design survey forms using drag and drop controls.voc-05
  6. Apply question controls including weighted scores, answer options, on-screen help and response mapping.
  7. Configure conditional rules that use skip logic to route respondents by adjusting survey questions based on the information entered to previous survey questions.
  8. Pipe data from CRM fields to personalise Voice of the Customer forms. For example, add the first name of the contact to a survey landing page, or pipe in a CRM user name to get feedback about a specific CRM user who closed a service case, or about the performance of their account manager.
  9. Configure personalised completion pages with bespoke links and text.
  10. Distribute surveys as part of a CRM workflow process, as a quick campaign mail merge, or email individual contacts from CRM.
  11. View all survey responses in Dynamics CRM Online including supporting comments. Each response is linked to the originating survey and associated contact, case or lead (unless the survey is set as anonymous).
  12. Assess automated scores for each survey response including Net Promotor Score, CSAT or a weighted overall satisfaction score.
  13. View all surveys a customer has completed from their contact record.
  14. Analyse responses use preconfigured CRM views, dashboards, or customise your own charts and even export this data to Power BI to interpret the results.

We hope this has given you a tempting taster to demonstrate how you can use Voice of the Customer in your organisation to increase engagement with your customers and gain even more valuable insight.

Preact are a UK based Microsoft CRM Gold Partner. Check our blog for more information about Voice of the Customer and other new CRM features.

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6 thoughts on “14 Things We Love About Voice of the Customer Surveys”

  1. Hi,

    If I have survey information in a flat file can I import that data to VOC entity?

  2. Can it be manually invoked by Call Center Representative to complete with Customer over the phone. The survey does not need to be sent to the Customer but will be completed by a Call Center Representative.

    1. Vijay Singh Chuhan

      @Susan: for this requirement us Feedback Entity where a call centre executive can take feedback against the particular entity record.

    1. Vijay Singh Chuhan

      @akhilesh : Yes survey can be sent to Contact thru email. put customer email as Primary email on Contact Record and choose same Contact record in Email(To) activity which contains survey Link.

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