Three New Features for Microsoft Social Engagement Drive Better Customer Interactions

Microsoft is rolling out an update 1.4 to its Social Engagement tool that integrates with Dynamics CRM. The update adds several key features  to Microsoft Social Engagement that Social Media Managers have been clamoring for as well as fixes to already existing capabilities.

New feature 1 - Private messages via Twitter

Let's say a client or customer starts a public conversation via Twitter, and the best response method is not to reply with a public Tweet. You can now send a direct message to the commenter and move the conversation from public to private.

New Feature 2 - Custom Tags

Intention Tags were added previously as a feature of Microsoft Social Engagement. These tags were automatically added to posts based upon the intent of the author. Custom Tags are a new way to manage taxonomy for posts. They allow you to use any word for the tag and can be manually assigned to new posts as they become available in Social Engagement. Custom Tags will increase the value of the dataset as you can now filter posts, assign them to a queue to be worked on or Report based on specific tags.

New Feature 3 - Forums as a Datasource

Not all conversations happen in Twitter or Facebook. Many of them happen in public forums where users directly communicate with each other. A lot of times this might end up as a lot of sympathetic griping between forumers over a misunderstanding that could have easily been resolved had you been aware! Well now you can track specific keywords in forums that you target and receive notifications so that you can proactively monitor and assist your customers

In addition to the above new features found in Microsoft Social Engagement, several existing issues have been resolved with search functions and various UX issues. If you have Dynamics CRM Online and qualify for a free instance of MSE, you should check it out and find out what your customers think of you!

This blog entry was originally published at the enCloud9 blog.

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