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Your business isn't a game show, but surveys are vital as a barometer of how your organization is taking care of your customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online offers a Preferred Solution called Voice of the Customer. This is an automated customer feedback system tied to CRM.

In a common customer service scenario, a customer will call for a support issue. Once the issue or case is resolved, a link to the survey is automatically dispatched. Your customer can view the survey on their phone, a tablet or on their compute, as it will be automatically formatted to fit the screen of the device they are using to access the survey. Once the customer clicks Submit, the results are delivered to CRM through an integration with Azure Web Services. This will help to insure to best possible performance.

The feedback from Voice of the Customer exists within the CRM database and can trigger workflows based on customer responses - negative feedback, for example could result in a phone call automatically created for the customer support manager to immediately act upon. Data can also be surfaced on dashboards, views and reports. These dashboards can serve as a useful tool for analyzing the performance of individual reps or even help to surface problems with particular products.

The CRM product team put together a short video to explain how Voice of the Customer works - Click here to take a look.

Your business flows better when you use Dynamics CRM. enCloud9, a Silver Dynamics CRM Cloud Partner based in Omaha Nebraska can help you to implement Voice of the Customer as part of your Dynamics CRM solution.

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This blog entry was written by Brian Begley of enCloud9, Nebraska Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner,

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