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There are many great ways to use Insights from within Dynamics CRM, but with it being April, I feel it's the time to do a little spring cleaning. If you have a system filled with leads and contacts that you have not engaged with in months or perhaps even years, then they are most likely not current or accurate. Some of your company contacts may not even be at the same firm or maybe the company itself has moved locations

Well, Insights is here to save the day and help you to engage better with your leads, contacts and accounts. Insights was designed to help companies not only find better prospects and hot opportunities with real-time contact data, news alerts, and company insights but keep them current no matter where they go.

Insights can:

Increase win rates by leveraging intelligence from breaking news and alerts, social media buzz and more

  • Save time spent on research by having all the scoop that you need in one place
  • Cut costs by eliminating data subscriptions & list purchases

Insights gives you access to over 50 million company and people profiles, aggregated from 30,000 global sources such as financial, media, and social sources including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Your data records stay clean thanks to features like one-click sync, which allows your salespeople always have real time current information. The best part is, you can do all of this right inside your own CRM.

Do you have insight into your CRM?

The benefits go on and on, but wait until you see how easy it is to use!

Once in CRM, go to Marketing and click on Accounts (you could click directly on Leads or Contacts too). Find and select the company you wish to update. Once you have the Individual Company page open, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a heading called Insights.

Here you may have outdated or missing information for the company and its publicized owners and employees. On the top right of the Insight box you will want to click the button labeled "SYNC". Click that button and the account/company information will update. This step may take a few seconds depending on the information load, but a new box will open that will have Names, Titles, Addressees, Phone numbers and so much more. Click the Update now button and all the information will be added to the CRM record you have open. You will then get a confirmation stating that your record has been updated.  That's it!

In recap, we told why you should use Insights, the benefits it can create for you and how to do it, now the rest is up to you.  April is a perfect time for a little Spring cleaning of your leads, don't you think?

If your organization needs assistance implementing or using Insights, we’d love to talk. Contact us here or call 877-373-6697.

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  1. Oh if only we could have access to such things outside of North America. Over a year since the launch of Insights, here in the UK we are still short-changed, with no date in sight for Microsoft/InsideView to deliver what was promised. *sigh*

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