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Your sales professionals likely do their best work outside of the office as they meet with prospects on location or with customers over lunch.  Provide your team with easy access to customer records, inventory data, and other resources no matter where they are located with a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, customers don’t want to wait for a sales representative to call them back.  As time ticks by and their frustration grows, they are more likely to place a phone call to your competitor.  Download this eBook, “10 Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Will Keep Your Sales Team Focused On What’s Important,” to see how your sales and customer services teams can be more responsive with the support of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Your sales professionals can stay connected to your business and to customer data from nearly any location and at any time with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  During a meeting with a new prospect, lunch with a customer, or while working from home, your team is never far away from the data they need to be proactive and responsive to customer needs.  Each person can access documents, marketing and promotional materials, product specifications, and detailed customer data from their smartphone or tablet.  Your sales representatives can answer virtually any question a customer can come up with, on-the-spot.  When necessary, they can call in the experts to provide additional details using Skype for Business.  Once the customer is satisfied, your sales professional can take an order that can be processed back at the office quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Over time, you will develop a rich history from interactions with both prospects and existing customers.  You can leverage this data to your competitive advantage by using the dashboards, real-time visualizations, and business intelligence features within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  You can identify trends in buying behaviors, products that are increasing or decreasing in popularity, and other insights that you can use to make strategic decisions in the best interest of your business and your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers quick access to the information your team needs to satisfy customers and develop long-term business relationships.  Download our eBook and contact AbleBridge for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to reach out to customers anywhere, any time to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

By AbleBridge, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner out of Massachusetts

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