Microsoft Dynamics CRM Is NOT Just for Sales!

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Often when we hear of the software Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our minds automatically think of sales initiatives. However, despite these preconceptions, Microsoft CRM actually works for much more than just the sales department. CRM is crucial for many projects and departments, especially marketing. Dynamics CRM has an abundance of features tailored to marketers to help any business grow. Read more to see how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can improve your marketing department.

Reporting and Analytics: Being one of the top requested features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, reporting analytics provide users with insight into a wide variety of business operations such as front office productivity, sales success rates, campaign effectiveness and so much more.

List Segmentation: Use Dynamics CRM to empower your employees by giving them the ability to filter, search and organize data into segmented customer lists based on customizable parameters within Microsoft CRM. Marketing teams will have the ability to create a targeted list to meet specific requirements and needs. Email blasts, call lists and marketing campaigns have never been easier.

Campaign Management: Bring your marketing campaigns to life through Microsoft CRM’s unique campaign management system. Design, organize, execute and optimize your results through a multitude of channels both quickly and efficiently. With the ability to gain visibility into your campaigns, team members will be able to stay on top of your campaign strategies to ensure they compliment each other with aligned strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great tool for businesses that everyone can use! CRM doesn't have to be limited to your sales team, marketers can use Dynamics software to gain insight and connect with customers like never before. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM or for a consultation contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Microsoft partners.

by Logan Consulting

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