Media Company Automates Calculations - 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

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The internet has vastly expanded the number of advertising vehicles that media companies can offer to customers. The result can be overwhelming for salespeople who need to present all the options to customers.

The challenge

The number of advertising options—from radio and TV to cable and internet—that a media data company could provide to their clients had exploded. The complexity of providing quotes for advertising campaigns to agencies and media buying companies was more than spreadsheets and paper could manage.

The solution

To provide their sales team with automation that could manage complex contract quoting, unique to each client, the company implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Now quotes are easy for sales reps to build on the fly. Working anywhere, from the home office to the client’s meeting room, customers can compare mediums, time slots and demographics to build a media buy that fits their requirements.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides customer history to help the sales person structure the quote quickly. Applicable special promotion discounts are applied automatically.

How customers are amazed

Media buyers get to work with a sales person who knows their history and has all the options at their fingertips to design the perfect advertising campaign.

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