Kellerstrass Oil Doubles Their Close Ratio with Dynamics CRM

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Kellerstrass Oil Logo There are two things we love talking about: CRM and the success that our customers are achieving with it.

About four years ago, Kellerstrass Oil, a distributor of Chevron products, made the business decision to become a Chevron 1st Source Lubricant Marketer. One of the requirements is to have a CRM solution in place, because that’s really the only way participating distributors can provide the detailed reporting that Chevron requires. Rick Reese, Kellerstrass Oil’s Senior Vice President, started looking into finding the right solution that would not only be the right fit for Kellerstrass, but also fulfill the requirements set forth by Chevron and the 1st Source program.

They evaluated several CRM solutions including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. What helped seal the Dynamics CRM deal is the turn-key solution that Ledgeview Partners had developed specifically for Oil & Gas Distributors.

How has it worked out? Well, since we wrote up a case (success) story on it, you can do the math.

Chane Kellerstrass, Director of Business Development, puts it in perspective, “The closing ratio in our industry is, on average, a little under 20%. Since implementing Ledgeview’s CRM, we’re tracking double that. In fact, we’re close to 50%.”

Now that is seriously impressive. But wait! It gets even better. Kellerstrass adds, “CRM’s helped our company as a whole, contributing to sustained year over year growth of about 8 to 10% each year.”

Read the full case study to learn more about the process they went through and more of the benefits that Kellerstrass Oil is achieving with Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas product, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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by Ledgeview Partners

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