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In this new digital era, there are many different ways to provide information, share promotional materials, or otherwise engage prospects and customers.  Customers have a preference for how they want to be reached, whether it be by email, instant messaging, social media, or by phone.  Improve your customers’ experience by engaging them on the channels they prefer with the relevant information that they expect by deploying a customer relationship management (CRM) solution such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Every customer is different, from the products or services that they demand to the marketing and promotional materials that elicit a response.  In addition, with so many opportunities to interact and engage both prospects and customers, it can be challenging to reach out to them using their preferred method of communication, especially when relying on inefficient sales software or elaborate spreadsheets.  Download “10 Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Will Keep Your Sales Team Focused On What’s Important,” an eBook, to learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can provide the foundation you need to provide a personalized experience for each of your unique customers.

Each of your sales and customer services representatives can enter and access customer data within Microsoft Dynamics CRM that can include as much data as you need to build a detailed customer account.  You can capture customer orders, product or shipping specifications, proposals and contractual information, written or verbal communications, and other useful information that can provide valuable insight into each customer relationship.  You can also tap into social media and engage with customers on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  As you get to know individual customer preferences, each of your sales professionals can communicate with customers on their terms, responding quickly and accurately using the detailed information at their fingertips.  Over time, you can also identify trends and anticipate customer needs using built-in business intelligence.  You may discover common replenishment orders or other opportunities to deliver personalized services that maximize customer loyalty.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a centralized location for all of your customer data which can improve responsiveness while also generating trust and long-term loyalty.  Download our eBook and learn how you can engage customers on the right channels at the right time with the support of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

By AbleBridge, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner out of Massachusetts

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