How Can Health & Human Services Use CRM for Case Management to Better Manage Their Networks of Care? Ask the VA and ACF

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The cornerstone of any Health andeRepublic-Public-Sector-HHS-White-Paper-Blog Human Services (HHS) program is the ability to provide quality, consistent service to the populations they serve. Across the board, however, there is one common challenge: their services are delivered by networks of federal, state, local, and community-based organizations that aren’t well connected, which hinders their ability to coordinate services and meet reporting requirements. That hurts their ability to provide good service.

The key is to unify these networks so they behave more like a single, seamless system. How? By connecting people, programs, and data through modern technology that automates case and program management. With that technology in place, it can cost-effectively support strategies that address everyone’s needs, from service staff to those being served.

Two CRM Case Management Success Stories: The VA and ACF


ACFThe U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) provides care to more than 100,000 severely ill and injured veterans. This requires coordinating not only health care providers and hospitals all over the country, but also six non-clinical programs on 13 data systems and 50 regional offices with hundreds of case managers, as well as two federal agencies. With a case management system based on robust CRM technology, the VA implemented a single case management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that provided a holistic view of each veteran to everyone in every agency.

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) Program was created to provide workforce development, training and education benefits through grantee organizations. To manage a $72 million budget and 32 grantee organizations serving 30,000 citizens, the ACF pulled its networks of care together into a single case management system built on CRM technology. This system is being used by the ACF for measuring program performance but is also being used by the grantees to administer their programs, making it easier for them to comply with program reporting requirements.

eRepublic White Paper ImageTo learn more about how the VA and ACF used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to bring their networks of care together, as well as six best practices and how your program can benefit from innovation through technology, get a copy of Bridging the Gaps in the HHS Network of Care, a whitepaper published by The Governing Institute and sponsored by Green Beacon, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner.

For more information on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used as a case management solution, contact Green Beacon.

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