Streamline Your Customer and Prospect Information with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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What happens when one of your sales people leaves the company? Do all of the leads in their pipeline vanish because you don’t have the information and notes to follow up with them? Can you find the right contact number for the right people?

software for marketing and salesMany businesses just like yours struggle with losing sales due to missing information. If you’re still tracking important customer information on spreadsheets or word documents in multiple locations, it’s time to make a change. With a customer relationship management system you’ll have one central, organized, easy-to-access place to store vital information about your customers and prospects.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you get not only a robust customer relationship management system but also the ease of learning a system that is similar to other Microsoft products you have utilized in the past. The system can be set up to best fit your needs and includes fields for all of the information important to you.

Forget manual entry of your current data. You can upload information directly from Excel spreadsheets, your accounting system or even from Facebook or Twitter. With such a simple set-up process, you’ll be ready to use the system in no time.

Once you’re up and running you’ll gain visual insight into the leads in your sales pipeline, what your team is working on, and how you can better nurture your customers. Learn what sales and marketing strategies are bringing in the most ROI and steer your team in a more strategic direction in the future. Dashboards can be customized for each member of your sales and marketing team, giving everyone individual information and views into the group’s totals.

We all know that sales people aren’t in the office all of the time. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your team can take the client data with them wherever they go thanks to the Mobile Client Dashboard. This dashboard can be loaded through the app store and shows open opportunities, open leads, active accounts, and more. Sales professionals can also enter information while they’re on the road and avoid having to reenter data when they return to the office.

When you’re ready to increase your sales and increase the satisfaction level of your current customers, talk to DFC Consultants. We’ll help set you up with a free trial and get you started.

by DFC Consultants

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