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You have assembled a top-notch team of sales professionals and each one brings to the table unique skills and specialties.  Leverage your team and their contacts by providing a powerful tool that can support their efforts to open new doors to prospects and turn leads into sales.

The most successful sales professionals have developed a network of contacts over many years.  They have interacted with many people, companies, and colleagues; each of which hold the potential to open doors to new business relationships.  Download “10 Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Will Keep Your Sales Team Focused On What’s Important,” an eBook, to learn how a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, can combine these valuable contacts within a single, centralized resource and provide a new level of social intellect for your company.

Each of your sales representatives stays in touch with their contacts, strengthening their network.  To nurture these relationships, your marketing team can offer personalized information which can inspire the network to introduce your team to their colleagues and customers.  At any time your network can produce a warm introduction or a lead that can lead to new opportunities.  This combined social intellect offers a competitive advantage that can result in new business as well as provide information and resources that support your entire sales team.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers the mobility that your sales team needs to close sales from nearly any location, at any time.  While visiting a prospect’s or customer’s office, your sales representative isn’t alone.  In an instant, your sales team can connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and access product information, promotional and pricing data, and customer data from their smartphone or tablet.  When customers ask a unique or challenging question, a Skype for Business conversation can connect your customer with an expert back at the office.  Instead of leaving the meeting with questions, your sales professionals can leave with an order.

Provide your sales team with the tools to streamline the sales cycle.  Download our eBook and contact AbleBridge to learn how you can optimize the skills of your sales team, boost sales, and improve customer satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

By AbleBridge, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner out of Massachusetts

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