Manufacturer Connects Sales Force to Data - 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

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As the internet connects people to a world of data, customers are more educated throughout their buying process. To negotiate and close the deal, salespeople need to be equally well armed with data.

The challenge

A cosmetics manufacturer was losing deals because their sales people were unable to negotiate contracts quickly. After visiting a customer, the sales rep had to work with the accounting department to structure a deal and then get approval from their sales managers.

The solution

To regain their competitive advantage, the company implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with an integration to Microsoft Dynamics ERP. With access to client history, margin and inventory, sales people can negotiate pricing based on the overall value of the sale and the long-term business.

The full product catalog available to the sales person gives them the opportunity to upsell customers as they negotiate. Automated workflow routes the quote to the sales manager for instant review and approval. Now, sales reps can negotiate and close the sale in one call.

How customers are amazed

Working with a sales rep empowered with knowledge about past sales, product availability and current promotions boosts customers confidence in the company and increases sales.

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