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In 2013, SalesLoft reported that Microsoft CRM had only 43% of its users utilizing their CRM software to its full potential, which is a lot of users! Regardless of your industry, Microsoft Dynamics CRM's unique software system can improve sales management, marketing and daily operations easily if used correctly! Rather than stay inside of the same boring CRM box, break free and get creative with these 4 innovative new ways to use Dynamics CRM in your workplace. We've listed below some of our favorite ways that we've seen real businesses use CRM's capabilities to better their businesses that will hopefully spark some innovation within your workplace as well.

  • Map Your Progress: How many times have you placed an order online with a deadline in mind, only to find that it wasn't delivered when expected? Often, when you call the company to inquire about your package they generally tell you just to sit and be patient, however with Microsoft CRM manufacturers and retailers can use GPS to track truck locations to give customers a definitive delivery date. Everything from customer invoice to bills to delivery is tracked so you'll never have to guess again.
  • Set Off Alarms: Rather than spend your valuable time sitting around focusing your energy on your to-do list, use Microsoft CRM to set alarms to help keep your team on track. Let CRM be the early warning system you need to make sure your tasks and activities don't fall behind, so you don't have to.
  • Predict the Future: Predictive analytics with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the more powerful ways to use CRM to better your company. By analyzing the products that your customers are purchasing, you will be able to predict and suggest through CRM additional products that may be of interest. This feature also allows data to be pulled to estimate the number of customers in danger of being lost, that way you know just where to focus your marketing energy.
  • Steer the Conversation: For new or more timid employees, phone conversations with clients and prospects can be a daunting task. Will I ask the right questions? What if they aren't satisfied with my service? Put their minds at ease with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 's guided dialog function to prompt employees with follow-up questions based on customer responses and build decision tree interviews. The answer to each question determines what will be asked next, to make sure you get the information you need, all nerves aside.

If any of these idea's interests you, or you feel that Microsoft CRM may be of benefit to your company, download our complimentary white paper "24 Wildly Creative Ways to Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM"  or contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Microsoft partner for more information.

by Logan Consulting

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