Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave Coming in Q2 NEW Release Preview Guide

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Today, Jujhar Singh announced the release on the CRM 2016 Spring Wave.  As always, the big questions are... When is Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave going to be released?  Answer: Q2 of 2016  What's included in the Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave?  Answer:  Enhancements in Sales, Service, Marketing Social, Mobile and MORE!   The release covers 3 major themes: Transformative Service, Community Engagement, and Intelligence.

Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring WaveTransformative Service

• Field service enhancements for this release maximize effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Our solution matches proficiency and competency requirements against available resources, for even more intelligent resource allocation. Additionally, full integration with CRM provides a consistent UI look and feel that spans case management through to work order completion.

• Project service is a new end-to-end solution that helps organizations deliver revenue-generating customer engagements on time and on budget. It extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a single system of engagement for project sales, delivery and billing that uses optimized resourcing and intelligent, skills-based assignments. Our solution supports back-office integrations to productivity and business applications and offers a mobile experience for customer-facing resources. Field and Project service share a resource pool and scheduled shared resources are surfaced in each application for enhanced visibility.

• Employee self-service and the ability to create an efficient and well-informed workforce is now available worldwide through CRM and our new portal capabilities. Employee self-service streamlines common tasks by empowering every employee with definitive knowledge.

Community Engagement

With the recent acquisition of Adxstudio we will now have web portal functionality integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as an add-on offering. Portals allow organizations to extend their Dynamics CRM engagement scenarios with self-service profile management capabilities, rich content publishing, secure access and permissions controls, configurable extensions, and many more features. Dynamics CRM portal capabilities are built with modern web standards in a responsive design for use on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

We will be shipping several pre-configured portal solutions, including Customer Service Portal, Community Portal, Partner Portal and Employee Self Service Portal, and customers also have the option of creating a completely custom portal to meet their unique business needs.


In this release, we will introduce guided navigation capabilities. Guided navigation provides context-sensitive interactive and scenario-based guided tasks and sidebars that are personalized to the user. Guided navigation helps onboard new application users quickly, facilitates user adoption of the application, and improves user productivity.

We will also introduce two new machine learning scenarios for Microsoft Social Engagement – Adaptive Learning and Automated Social Triage.

Download the Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave Preview Guide

Here is an outline of what's coming in the Spring Wave:

    • Guided User Navigation
    • Field Service Solution
    • Project Service Solution
    • Shared Resources
    • Self-service Portals
    • Windows Update support for Unified Service Desk
    • Digital asset management, publishing and security
    • Email marketing editor enhancements
    • Create marketing segments based on email behavior
    • Expanded OData feeds and activity log for marketing analytics
    • Marketing services SDK enhancements
    • Forums, Instagram, and blogs extension in Microsoft Social Engagement
    • Publish and engage/reply with photo and share posts in Microsoft Social Engagement
    • Intelligent social: tags, intentions, sentiment, languages
    • Social CRM: automation and enhancement
    • Mobile offline enhancements
    • Mobile Management enhancements
    • Company news timeline for mobile
    • Power BI Sales Manager content pack enhancements
    • Power BI Service Manager content pack
    • Azure service bus integration enhancements
    • Portal framework
    • Server-side Synchronization
    • Customer field on any entity
    • Compliance and data protection
    • Compatibility

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