Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce: Personalization and User Adoption

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In the end, user adoption determines whether a CRM implementation is successful or not. If users start working outside the system because it’s easier; information silos will be created and user productivity will decline across the organization. limits personalization to power users and administrators, forcing most users to work with screens that may not fit their business priorities.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, end users seamlessly work in the tools they know and love including Outlook, Excel, Word, Yammer, and SharePoint. The Navigation Bar conforms to the way users work as they progress through sales, service or business processes. Automated workflows supporting business processes that match your business requirements makes it easier, not harder, for users to do their work.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Drag and drop customization for end users.

  • Personalization features reserved for power users and admins.
  • No reversion of personalizations.


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