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Microsoft Excel templates are a great time saver when you frequently need to export Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 lists to generate reports.  Imagine that every time you export a list to Excel, you need to add a new column with a calculation.  With an Excel template, the system will remember your additional column and calculation saving you the additional steps.

In this example, we will focus on Opportunities.  We will export our open opportunity list to Excel and add a new column called Weighted Total.  This new column will contain a formula for estimated revenue (probability / 100).  We will then save this as an Excel template so that each time we export our opportunity list to Excel, it will include that calculated column.

To get started, select your Open Opportunities view and click EXCEL TEMPLATES in the command bar at the top.  Choose Create Excel Template.


Click on the Download File button and save the file to a place on your computer where you will be able to find it again.


Open the file in Excel and you will see a standard Excel spreadsheet.  Insert your new column on the far right side and add your formula.



Save your spreadsheet.

Go back to Microsoft CRM and click on EXCEL TEMPLATES and Create Excel Template again.


This time, click on the Upload button.


Select your file or drag/drop it. 

Now it’s time to test our template.  Go back to your Open Opportunities view and click on EXCEL TEMPLATES and you will see the new template you just uploaded.


This step will generate the spreadsheet and ask if you want to save or open it.  Choose to open it and you will see your new column already there.  In addition to adding columns, you can add things like charts or pivot tables as well.  This is a great alternative to writing reports.

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