Medical Claims Company Expands Easier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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A new professional management services company that focuses on operational and administrative solutions for disability and medical case management wanted to update its business software, since the business was growing at an accelerated pace.

With an expanding number of clients, and a variety of diverse clients, they found it essential to obtain a more practical CRM solution. Because of the particular demands of these clients, certain issues emerged.

After looking at various options, this business decided on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Portal Connector, SharePoint and Yammer. This business also decided to work with The TM Group as their partner after a few consultations.

The TM Group, as a local partner, was able to provide face-to-face meetings with this client, which is an aspect this business was previously lacking with their remote partner. The TM Group was able to help the needs of this company that became visible as it grew.

View this business’ project profile by visiting The TM Group’s website to learn more about how The TM Group aided this company to success.

by The TM Group

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