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One of the quickest ways to frustrate a customer is to put them on hold or transfer them to another representative.  If you can’t answer their questions on the spot and be responsive to their needs, they are going to look for a business that can.  Connect your people with the right data by using a customer relationship management (CRM) solution and take a proactive stance with providing superior, personalized customer service.

There are many ways for customers to reach out to companies in this digital age and there are just as many touchpoints for your employees to interact with customers.  Your customers might want to speak with sales and marketing representatives, customer service teams, project managers, accounting representatives, or others.  Customers may have questions about current or historical orders, invoices or other financial transactions, or product specifications.  Can your employees answer their questions on the spot or do they need to check through the files and call them back?

Your customers want answers, not delays, which is why many businesses integrate a CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  All customer-centric data can be entered or stored within these integrated solutions including sales orders, special pricing or promotions, preferred product specifications, or other customized data.  Your team can also capture various documents such as proposals and contracts, marketing or promotional materials, and other items for each customer, in addition to other information gathered from phone calls or meetings.

With all of your customer data located within easy reach, each of your sales and customer services representatives can take a call and answer questions on the spot.  In addition, when CRM and ERP solutions are integrated, your representatives can answer questions about available inventory, discounts or special promotions, as well as offer up-sales or cross-sales based on historical orders.  Harnessing your data can improve customer service while also boosting sales.

Take a proactive stance with customers by integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ERP.  Contact OTT, Inc. for additional information about using CRM to improve customer service, strengthen these important relationships, and generate long-term loyalty.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics Partner out of Minnesota

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